Final Letter to Self

David, Coventry university has been an interesting mix of new and old. Instead of gaining media equipment along with friendly anecdotes from one Media technician, the process is much more formal here at the ‘Media Loan Shop’; having to bring back equipment at an exact hour. The lending out of equipment is now based on which equipment you’ve been taught how to use by the university staff, regardless of other qualifications or experience. I understand that the Media Loan Shop does this to minimise the risk of the expensive equipment being damaged. You will just have to be patient until the Z1 and similar level equipment becomes available via the ‘Skills Sessons’.

Due to the official nature of the Media Loan Shop, work experience to students is given via paid job placements, which at least in terms of money is a big change from the voluntary work which you done with the Media technician during your many years at college.

The journey to the lecture theatres/workshops is much better than the 50 minute bus journey to college, now being just a 5-10 minute walk.

While some things have covered old ground, you have also learnt alot  over the past academic year in the lectures and workshops. One of the things which proved to be a good and for filling challenge was the ‘Afghanistan debate’ as part of 111MC, where you devised a notes format which worked very well to help win the debate.

The lectures have been very useful throughout the academic year, both in terms of academic knowledge and understanding the structure of the task given to you. All the modules have been valuable, with some experiences highlighting pitfalls while others improving on previous skills or even learning new ones, such as learning the advantages and disadvantages of adjusting the frame rate of a camera, and how to connect the camera-to-studio talkback system.