“2nd Reflection”

The production of our show is really coming along, with guests being decided and booked, our team getting to know their roles and the other items being finalised.

The theme of our show is a cross between Top Gear and The One Show. Conforming to Top Gear, our show has a male target audience and extensive VTs that involve challenges. Though having said that, Top Gear also has a significant amount of female viewers. As to to not alienate the female views, we have a female presenter who is just as “manly” as the male presenters, drinking a beer as she walks in and speaking assertively to her male colleagues. Having a female presenter along with more diverse VTs is also important because our show also follows ‘The One Show’ which has one male and one female presenter, along with a guest and a very diverse array of subjects. Conforming with The One Show, we plan to involve one of our guests in one of our topical studio discussions (discos) despite that guest having little or nothing to do with the topic.  I think that this is useful for conveying the casual ‘lounge’ style of The One Show that our show aspires to. The item where a guest is asked questions about something that they’re not normally involved in is actually quite common with magazine shows; The Daily Politics regularly has a VT where a celebrity that otherwise has nothing to do with politics voices his/her opinion on a political subject, and Top Gear’s ‘Star in a Reasonably Priced Car’ is rarely a driver by profession.

Going with the ‘bachelor’s pad’ style, we were going to have a games reviewer to review various recent games as an item. I also planned to book the  successful games designer Michal Marcinkowski to have an interview with our presenters via Skype (as he lives in Poland), with the visuals being clips of his games and the development of new ones, speaking about his career and how independent games developers can still survive commercially in today’s market of big-budget games. Michal Marcinkowski did agree to my offer of an interview in the show, but I had to cancel this interview as my team later decided that the interview will be too serious (not ‘chatty’) to conform with our show’s theme, as well as having concerns about the practicality of having a live or recorded interview over Skype. The games reviewer item was also dropped.

Our guests are the comedian Michael Smith and the magician Gareth Twynham aka ‘The Amazing G’. Michael’s style of humour and planned beer drinking on set conforms well to our show’s style, being casual yet entertaining. The Amazing G appears to be good for our show in the way that it’s a broad form of entertainment and doesn’t look too stereotypical albeit with some traditional tricks and balloon animals.

The VT ideas are supposed to be primarily challenges or reviews, conforming with Top Gear. The introduction of “Man Points” are supposed to be like ‘Brownie Points’ or the ‘Man Card’, an uncounted social scorecard.


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