Final Reflection

During this final run-though and assessment we had to perfect the skills that we had learnt over the past weeks, as we had a limited number of ‘takes’ with the limited time. I tested the wireless lapel microphones that were suspected to be defective, but they indeed were defective. The sound from these microphones would excessively clip or have a static effect when raised to any audible level, drowning out the studio sound. Because of this, I used to back-up plan of using the boom mic placed on the floor (we don’t have a pole operator) next to the effected presenter, allowing all of the presenters to have a microphone to themselves. The fact that the boom microphone was stationary did not matter so much, considering that our presenter Natalie Morley was sat at the sofa for the majority of the production. The two guests were given wired lapel mics,

I think that the final take was the best, as everyone conducted their roles to a high standard, with the only notable fault being the 2nd camera occasionally flickering. This almost perfect final take could’ve been a coincidence or because everyone knew that it was the final take and thus had the added pressure of knowing that we couldn’t afford to make more mistakes. I say this because despite our other practice sessions we still had some problems on the day. This was also the first time that I used music via the CD player, getting used to fitting it into my usual operations.

As our production progressed throughout the weeks, the practice runs became more and more representative of the final assessment, with the guests performing on a practice run and the VTs being created, increasing the tasks for me on the sound board and for the group as a whole.

Due to the increasing amount of microphone channels being used and the number of VT items our show had, the use of the ‘Solo’ button was employed after a discussion with our Director and Producer. I would normally use the ‘Mute’ buttons or the faders to silence the studio sound while a VT was running, but this would become complicated with the large amount of sound channels, the Solo button was useful for isolating the sound so that only the VT sound would play while the VTs were running. This was very useful because it enabled me to press just one button rather than the 5 to 8 mute buttons. However, at least on the day this did have the disadvantage of the sound volume control being limited during the VTs.

As mentioned above, the assessment day was the first day that I operated the CD player in the gallery; the CD player itself was simple to operate, only needing to press the reliant track number and turning up the 1st Stereo fader. However, being the first time using it in conjunction with the rest of the magazine show sound was awkward at first, as while the music was on the running order it wasn’t fully established exactly when the music will play and if it fades in or starts suddenly. This was soon established with our Director, as well as making the music fade out after the intro VT.


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