260MC- What Matters to Me

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For this project I have attempted to show the two sides of the ‘acceptance versus cure’ debate, albeit with some bias as I have Aspergers Syndrome myself.


260MC- Simulated Street Art

Ten Point Manifesto:


Making a point, giving a message

Some originality, yet also some  Clichés of the ‘street art’ culture

Playing with stereotypes

Across walls

Simulated stencils

No politics, just casting a grumpy eye on the world

No simulated  non-stencil sprays

Buzz-words such as “freedom” and “youth” must only be used when satirising the street art Clichés.

Real places, fake graffiti

The Art (Click for full view):

I chose to use Photoshop to create a simulated Stencil effect in all of my drawings. For example, with the top picture I imported one of my Space Marine drawings into a photo of the Ellen Terry basement, blacking-out the picture and removing certain parts of the character to give the impression that it was made with a stencil and black spray paint.